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Val Fulford

Artist's Statement

Quite simply, I love art. It all began at Hornsey College of Art in London, England, the flagship event of my life in art. Life in Toronto after graduation was very urban, fulfilling illustration contracts and portrait commissions. Then came a quieter life on a farm in Prince Edward County where I was deeply involved in the artists' community and my childrens' lives. I started painting landscapes there. I moved to Cape Breton on the ocean (probably where I feel most at home) and explored a time of introspection and withdrawal. A treasured time with a loving community.


The circle is almost complete now that I have retired from teaching at Sheridan College in Oakville. I am now settled in Lanark Highlands, Ontario, on the Clyde River. My little piece of Ontario paradise. Natural beauty is everywhere and I'm finding a thriving art community here, as well as a determined community of hard working people and like minded souls who want to make their environment safer and cleaner.


Teaching brought me back to figurative work which was always the yin to my landscape painting's yang. I started with figurative work as a young artist and I am circling back. I have learned lessons from my students, the curriculum and my colleagues at Sheridan which I will be experimenting with to expand my work.


The adventure continues.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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